L’Etoile du Nord

On a quiet Friday morning, we made the trek out to Bayport to visit a lovely little breakfast venue: L’Etoile du Nord. If you have the time, don’t mind high prices, and don’t have any food allergies, it’s worth the trek.

The Overall Experience

Our experience at L’Etoile du Nord was certainly charming. We sat outside in the glorious June sunshine and enjoyed some really tasty food. We had laid back, yet accommodating service and felt relaxed in the venue’s atmosphere. This is a great place for a slow and casual weekday breakfast. Avoid the potential crowds and go on a day when you can soak up some sun. And even though I didn’t, you should probably get a waffle. With Nutella.

The Venue and Service

The venue is just precious. Small, and precious. The outside patio has four tables that are stuffed quite close to one another while the inside of the shop hosts about six or seven two-person spots. I could see this place getting packed on a weekend morning even though the restaurant lives in a quiet little town. Our server was polite and smiley and took care of us (and the two other occupied tables) with ease.

Nord fritatta

The Food and Coffee

The menu is teeny-tiny. Though there aren’t many breakfast selections, they do offer delicious-looking pastries (plus gluten-free scones!), various coffee drinks (including espresso mixed with melted Belgian chocolate – kill me), and a solid core menu of unique Belgian-esque options. I selected the Potato and Chive Frittata ($14), the only thing on the menu I could order. It came stuffed with ramps, potatoes, and shallots and was topped with gruyère cheese (which I promptly removed). I was hesitant to opt for a frittata, because I have an egg bake fear, but I was pleasantly surprised. The dish was bursting with flavor. The top of the fritatta was perfectly browned while the baked innards were soft and fluffy. The shallots and ramps were baked inside in their original sizes, so each bite was a fun game of how long of a piece would reveal itself as your fork eased out of the bake. All in all, I was quite pleased, though my belly wasn’t entirely full.

Nord eggs

My breakfast companion had the Shirred Eggs ($11), which came with caramelized shallots, triple cream cheese, roasted garlic, and a savory waffle on the side. The eggs were intensely flavorful spots because of the added shallots, cheese, and garlic, making them way more unique and memorable than your average egg dish. The herby waffle was also a nice addition that complimented the eggs nicely, especially when used to soak up some of the egg yolk. Though the potatoes weren’t too original, they did have a perfect crisp to soft ratio and had a few sweet potato chunks mixed in, which was a sweet and welcome surprise. Overall, she rated it ‘delicious.’

Nord inside

The Ratings:
Coffee Quality: n/a
Food Quality: 8
Quality of Service: 9
Cost: 7
Menu Variety: 6
Overall Satisfaction: 8
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 7.6

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