Highland Grill

My breakfast review of Highland Grill marks a new path for the Tour. Don’t worry, I’m going to continue going to breakfast, but these fun lil (okay, previously lengthy) reviews are getting a facelift. Instead of a winding narrative, I’m going to feed you snippets – the key nuggets of knowledge that you need to know about my experience. This is meant to be brief, informative, easy to read, and, obvs, fun. Let’s give it a try.

The Overall Experience

Highland Grill is a trendy hometown place that uses neon decor to wake up your senses and keeps them alive with quality food, solid coffee, and a zesty waitstaff.

The Venue and Service

Beware, friends: This venue is tiny and there’s not much room inside the door to wait for a table. Though we got in right away, it was probably because we were there at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. There are few tables and it’s a busy place, so if you want to get a seat, get there early. But once you’re sitting down, you’ll have some great service. Our hipster bubbly waitress was knowledgeable of the menu and was an excellent coffee-refiller. Gold star for her and her messy bun.

highland tacosThe Food and Coffee

The breakfast menu is small, but offers a solid selection. If I could find something me-friendly, I’m pretty confident you can, too. I had the Chorizo Tacos ($10.75) and my breakfast companion chose the Breakfast Burrito ($10.75). My tacos, which were actually a recommendation from our waitress, were the perfect breakfast taco. Though the spicy chorizo sausage was a bit, well, spicy, the corn tortillas were packed with refried black beans, tomato relish, and salsa to make a beautiful dish. The corn tortillas held the toppings well and the portion of three small tacos was ideal. My friend’s burrito was stuffed with cheddar cheese, hashbrowns, lime sour cream, queso fresco, and turkey sausage and overall averagely tasty. But the lime sour cream’s appearance was unfortunately just a little dollop on top, which was disappointing, and the eggs were kind of dry and clumpy inside the burrito. Though the moist hasbrowns helped balance that out. Whew. Overall the stuffed burrito stuffed my friend (see what I did there?) because she couldn’t even finish it.

highland burrito

All in all, Highland Grill is worth a stop, but plan to get there early. And ask for the girl with the messy bun. They’ll know what you mean.

The Ratings:
Coffee Quality: 
Food Quality: 8
Quality of Service: 9
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 10
Overall Satisfaction: 8
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 8.5

highland grill

Have you been to Highland Grill?
Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Highland Grill for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Highland Grill
771 Cleveland Ave S.
St Paul MN, 55116

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