Agra Culture

After running a casual 5K last summer in Edina, I refueled with dinner at Agra Culture. And it ended up being fantastic. Full of gluten-free and dairy-free options (that were boldly and clearly labeled), that night at dinner it took me ages to decide what to order. Like, so long that I felt like a normal person at a normal restaurant. Needless to say, after that delectable dinner experience, today my friend and I decided to head back for breakfast.

We arrived at the Edina location early on a Sunday morning. The place was so deserted that we initially wondered if it was even open. When we loudly clinked open the door and stomped into the restaurant, our entrance noise echoed against the empty hall of modern steel decor, ensuring the entire staff knew we had arrived. After making a bangin entrance, we stood at the counter to peruse the breakfast menu, which is available from 7 a.m. every single day, is fairly good-sized, and offers a solid variety. Though they don’t have your traditional pancake, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns plate, they do offer 3-4 options each of scrambles, porridges, waffles/pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches as well as a hefty list of sides (which, as I’ll explain later, are important). Finally, we decided to order: me, the El Granjer ($8.50) and my breakfast companion, The American ($8.50). We submitted our orders and headed to the corner of the venue to inhabit a giant, trendy wooden booth.

agra tacos

For a few moments, we sat and sipped our coffee. And, if it weren’t so hot, I would have guzzled it. Organic and fair trade, my dark roast coffee was heavenly. Though refills required me taking the initiative to go up to the coffee counter, if you know me at all, taking the initiative to get coffee isn’t really an issue for me. Nothing stands between me and coffee. Except inattentive waiters with NYE hangovers.

Quickly, our food arrived. Yay! Yay because I was hungry but yay also because my meal was the bomb. I ordered the El Granjer, which was a three egg scramble with chorizo, organic peppers, black beans, cilantro, and homemade pico de gallo, living in two corn tortillas. Friends, these two lil breakfast tacos were incredible. The ingredients were fresh and full of flavor. The flavor combinations created fireworks in my mouth (in a good way). The eggs were fluffed to perfection. The meal was divine. My only complaint? I could have eaten about six of those baby tacos. My plate was empty in 2.3 minutes and my belly wasn’t anywhere near full. This was the point at which we realized that usually our breakfasts come with sides and supplementals. So this singular item just wasn’t enough. Note to self (and all of you): sides are a MUST.

emily agra wrap

My breakfast partner’s breakfast was just as delicious. She ordered The American, a three egg scramble with nitrate-free bacon, organic spinach, truffled mushrooms, onion, cheddar, and parsley, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. The thing that made this meal really delicious, she thought, was the fact that the ingredients were organic. Though she’s no organic guru, the eggs and the bacon tasted noticeably fresher and more like how they’re ideally supposed to taste. The truffled mushrooms, a unique and welcome addition, were also meaty and robust. You could just tell that the ingredients weren’t infringed upon by random chemicals and breakfast grease. And all of the delicious ingredients were wrapped in a slightly crisp grilled tortilla, adding a little crunch that was a nice contrast to the soft egg scramble. Overall, she thought it was fantastic, but agreed that we definitely should have ordered sides. Several sides.

At Agra Culture you’ll indulge in incredible coffee, fresh and delicious food, and a calm atmosphere. The only real problem we encountered was that we left feeling less than full, but that’s our fault since we didn’t order sides. And now that you’ve read this blog, you won’t be making that mistake. So, in other words, as long as you order plenty of sides, prepare for a perfect, problem-free breakfast at Agra Culture.

The Ratings:
Coffee Quality: 
Food Quality: 9
Quality of Service: 8
Cost: 9
Menu Variety: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 9
Parking: small lot available
Average Score: 8.8

agra culture

Have you been to Agra Culture?
Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Agra Culture for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Agra Culture
3717 West 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410


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