Wilde Roast Cafe

While the rest of the world was sleeping off the classic NYE hangover, I was out for an early morning jog. I rang in the New Year with Bad Blood blasting through my headphones and fresh snowflakes dancing on my cheeks. And while in my opinion this was a perfect start to 2015, what made it even more perfect was that my post-run reward was a Tour breakfast. We searched long and hard for a venue worthy of a New Year’s Day breakfast (and one that was open) and we settled on Wilde Roast Cafe. We’d been to Wilde Roast on multiple other occasions, so we already knew they had great dinner food (including gluten-free burger buns) and a picturesque atmosphere (think plush, fancy booths that overlook the river). But we’d never experienced the joys of breakfast there. So, today we did.

We strutted into the nearly deserted restaurant (reminder: NYE hangovers) and were quickly seated at one of the large, plush, fancy booths that I mentioned before. A calm yet exhausted waiter stomped over to us (reminder: NYE hangovers) and took our coffee orders. After mentioning he’d had five shots of espresso in his latte that morning to remedy a ‘late night,’ he stumbled away to give us time to review our meal options. The breakfast menu is relatively small, but gives you a choice from every breakfast category that you may be interested in. There’s a benedict, an omelette, a waffle, a pancake, etc. Though you only have one choice for each, um, choice, you do have all the ones you need.

This morning I opted for the Crispy Cornmeal Pancake ($5.99) and a side of scrambled eggs ($3.50) while my breakfast partner chose the Crème Brûlée French Toast ($9.79). After my friend ordered the French toast our server informed her that it would be the best French toast she’s ever had. Careful there, tiger. That’s a bold statement, considering how many breakfasts we’ve eaten. But our server didn’t know that. You know what he also didn’t know? How to serve. Though he did eventually bring us our food, he did not bring very much coffee. My cup was only refilled twice throughout the entire meal. TWICE! And you know what’s worse? This meant that I missed my favorite cup of coffee of the morning: the second cup. But not just the second cup whenever it comes. The second cup that I get to drink after I’ve already tasted my first cup, ordered my food, and then get to wait in anticipation of my food while drinking an entire cup by itself. The second cup. The best cup.

Now, I know I drink more coffee than the average person. But that’s beside the point. The point is, really, that if you’re a server, you’re supposed to be attentive to each individual table and meet their needs. My needs include coffee refills, coffee refills, and coffee refills. My server did not meet my needs. And his rating (and tip) reflected it. Anyway. Down from my soap box I come. And wipe that look of mock annoyance off of your face and replace it with adoration. You know you love me.


I finally got my coffee refilled (upon my request) when our food came. Yay, food! My crispy cornmeal pancake came stuffed with blueberries and looking divine. The top layer of the pancake was indeed crispy and firm, but it was complemented by a soft and spongey underbelly that made me weak at the knees. The blueberries, which were plentiful and baked within the batter, gave the entire cake sweet undertones that made me forget I couldn’t eat syrup. The eggs on the side were a necessary boost of protein, but ended up requiring lots of salt and weren’t anything special. But that’s okay, ’cause the pancake pretty much made the meal.

10897968_10204334095926955_8774089182139125730_nMy breakfast companion’s breakfast was also very delicious. Her crème brûlée French toast was presented with a caramel top and peach and cherry bottom and was topped with whipped cream and toasted pecans. At first bite, it was good, but she wasn’t sure it was the best she’s ever had. The bottom, a moist layer of fresh cut peaches and cherries (which ended up being more peach than cherry), was a unique touch that one wouldn’t expect in a French toast. Although it’s common to put fruit on top of French toast, the fruit here instead acted more like a soft crust that the toast rested on. Based on how good it was, maybe more French toasts should be built this way. The top of the French toast was caramelized like a crème brûlée and that sweetness, combined with the freshness of the fruit and the non-soggy breadyness of the toast, made for a delicious, multi-textual dish. No syrup required. On second thought, maybe this was one of the best French toasts she’s ever had…

All in all, though the menu is relatively small and I wanted to pour a cup of hot coffee over our server’s head (oh, wait, I couldn’t because my cup was empty…), the food at Wilde Roast nearly made up for it all. If you want to sit in a giant, comfy booth and witness a great view all while eating a tasty breakfast, Wilde Roast is your jam. Oh, and order the French toast. It may just be the best you’ll ever have.

The Ratings:
Coffee Quality: 
Food Quality: 9
Quality of Service: 6
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 7
Overall Satisfaction: 7
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 7.3


Have you been to Wilde Roast Cafe?
Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Wilde Roast Cafe for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Wilde Roast Cafe
65 Main Street SE
Minneapolis MN

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