The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen

On this classicly muggy August morning in Minnesota, my friend and I set out to have breakfast at The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen. This venue, a relatively new resident of Minneapolis, was one that’s been causing some buzz in my circles. I’ve heard good things from several friends (including that the coffee is to-die-for) and have read several reviews of the place, giving me a bit of insight into the owners and the potential experience I may have there.

So, naturally, I was looking forward to a unique experience, a tasty breakfast, and, most importantly, some high-quality coffee. When we made it to the venue, we popped inside to find an open dining room in which only a small group of other patrons, an alarmingly high percentage being elderly folks, were eating. A large sign and an energetic waiter both encouraged us to seat ourselves so we did, in a corner of the restaurant at a small cherry oak table pressed up against a carved wooden wall patched with distressed floral wallpaper. Though the interior looked trendy and modern, I’m guessing the higher prices and upscale feel attracted an older crowd.

The atmosphere was calm and the staff was in no rush at all, giving us ample time to explore the weekend brunch menu, which is small, with only two main meal options and a short list of side items. During the week, The Copper Hen offers housemade savory hand pies, bacon blueberry breakfast cupcakes, and buttery donut muffins (these are also offered as side items on weekends), all of which, after eyeing them in the bakery case, I would highly recommend to all people who aren’t me. It didn’t take us much time to make our decisions, as we settled on each getting one of the main brunch choices: me, the Farmer’s Brunch ($12), and my breakfast companion the Chef’s Weekly Special ($14). Note that each of the total brunch prices included a bottomless cup of coffee. Oh, and they had almond milk to creamify my coffee without actual cream, so extra points for them.

Copper Hen brunch

We continued to chat over our coffees, which lived up to the delicious hype I’d heard from several people. Though our coffees were a good start, we were happy not to wait long for our brunches to arrive. The meals were served beautifully, on stark white dishes and in perfect presentation. My brunch included scrambled eggs, root vegetable hash, french toast (which I of course gave to my friend), and fennel sausage (you have a choice of sausage or creamed kale). At first glance, I was disappointed at the portion, and after eating the whole thing (sans french toast), I still didn’t feel completely satisfied. I unfortunately don’t have many words for you about my breakfast. The eggs were dense and average, the sausage were finely seasoned and average, and the veggie hash lacked variety and was average. I lacked enthusiasm about the whole thing, so I comforted myself with more coffee.

Copper Hen special

My friend’s breakfast, the Chef’s Special, was a breakfast linguini with salmon, peas, and a poached egg. This dish, though incredibly unique, really felt like lunch. The large portion, ironically opposite of my experience, was quite filling. Shredded salmon doused the noodles and mixed nicely with the chives and peas, never giving you an overwhelming mouthful of fish. Though the egg was a necessary touch of breakfast, the single addition wasn’t enough, making my friend yearn for a better infusion of breakfast foods. Overall, she felt it was a decent meal, but definitely didn’t satisfy her need for a true breakfast.

Though The Copper Hen dished up a restorative atmosphere and decent food, the prices were steep and the brunch options were minimal. Perhaps it’s better suited for a weekday coffee and pastry run or a casual happy hour.

The Ratings:
Coffee Quality: 10
Food Quality: 8
Quality of Service: 8
Cost: 6
Menu Variety: 6
Overall Satisfaction: 7
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 7.5

Copper Hen outside

Have you been to The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen?
Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience The Copper Hen for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
The Copper Hen
2515 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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