Seward Community Cafe

This morning, a chilly, misty summer day, called for a celebratory breakfast. After accepting an incredible job offer (more on that to come), a week of doubled up breakfast tour venues was absolutely necessary (be on the lookout for another new post this week). So, because we were celebrating me, we headed to a food-sensitivity superstar: Seward Cafe.

On a quiet Wednesday morning, we easily found street parking and headed over to the venue. We carefully eyed a thick wooden door located on the corner of the restaurant building, internally wondering if that was the entrance or a spooky trick. We took our chances and sighed a breath of relief as we entered a split bar and dining area. The feel of the place was entirely casual. I only felt a little out of place in my high-waisted shorts and polka dotted button down. But don’t worry, I rocked it.

The ordering process was fun and different. As you enter, you pick up a menu, pen, and ordering sheet and then seat yourself. I’ll admit that, although in hindsight I call the ordering process ‘cool and different,’ when I entered in real life, I internally panicked, didn’t know what to do, and barked a bunch of questions at the woman behind the bar before realizing that there was a super detailed list of ordering instructions posted right in front of my face for my convenience. Today’s Stupid Idiot Award goes to me.

After perusing the menu, you write down your selections and bring them up to the register for payment right away. The menu is quite large and uniquely diverse. There are loads of options for those of us with massive food sensitive and restrictions. So, though my outfit may have been a little too trendy, I felt right at home. After much deliberation, I landed on the Super Green Earth Breakfast ($8) and my friend decided on the Super Earth Breakfast ($6.50).

We headed up to the register and chatted with the cashier, a Celiac herself, who was entirely sensitive to my allergies (did I mention I love this place’s sensitivity to food allergies and preferences?). I got a coffee cup and was invited to serve myself at their coffee bar, which included the option to sweeten up my cup with some organic soy milk. Don’t mind if I do. The dark roast coffee was incredible: bold, extra dark, and delicious. Oh how I love when coffee is great and I get to refill my cup at my own leisure. Which is, in fact, at not a leisurely pace whatsoever.

We waited a few minutes for the cook to shout our names from the kitchen, alerting us that it was time to pick up our meals. I played a fun game where I wrote my real name down on my ordering sheet and guessed which incorrect pronunciation the cook would decide on. He went with ‘a-lean-a.’ A for effort, buddy. My breakfast included hashbrowns, organic eggs, and onions, all scrambled together and topped with steamed broccoli and dairy-free cheese. I also opted for the gluten-free side of two corn tortillas. The hashbrowns, eggs, and onions were truly scrambled together, creating one giant, crispy hunk of breakfast. It was delicious and incredibly unique. Having all of the ingredients mixed together created an entirely new kind of food and I liked it. I ended up separating most of my breakfast into the tortillas, making a couple lil tacos for myself.

The broccoli was a perfect addition to top off my pile of food. I love me some extraneous veggies atop anything I’m scarfing down. The dairy-free cheese had a scary, congealed consistency, as dairy-free cheese does. I enjoyed it for about a bite and then just felt sad that I’m no longer allowed to enjoy dairy-full cheese. Because what is cheese without the dairy? I don’t want to know. But, all in all, I was quite satisfied with my fully sensitive meal.

Seward me

My breakfast companion liked her food, but didn’t feel the same love that I did. Her breakfast was quite similar to mine: hashbrowns, organic eggs, and onions scrambled together and topped with melted white cheddar cheese. But her breakfast felt much heavier than mine did. The entire meal was seriously smothered in cheese, making the entire meal rather dense. She did, however, enjoy the unique concept of mixing the eggs and hashbrowns into seemingly one food. But overall it was just so heavy that she didn’t even finish her full breakfast – and if you know my friend, you know she’s known for finishing her full breakfast.

Seward Emily

All in all, Seward Cafe served up my kind of breakfast. Their incredible bottomless, self-serve coffee blew my mind and their sensitivity to the gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegans of the world made me enormously happy. Friends, this place is definitely worth a try.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 9
Food Quality: 7
Quality of Service: 9
Cost: 9
Menu Variety: 9
Overall Satisfaction: 8
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 8.5

seward outside

Have you been to Seward Cafe? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Seward Cafe for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Seward Cafe
2129 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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