Common Roots Cafe

On a glorious summer morning, my friend and I headed to Common Roots Cafe. This venue was one that I’d heard great things about and frequently passed while tooling down Lyndale, eying it with curiosity.

We sauntered into the small venue, checking out the menu displayed above the registers in neat white chalk. The vibe was chill, the atmosphere calm, and the patrons hip. I briefly wished I would have put on my hipster outift this morning. But alas, I’d have to settle for normal me. From their monthly menu (by that I mean they change it every month – so cool), I selected the Farmer’s Breakfast ($9.50) while my friend picked the Pulled Beef Hash ($10).

After ordering and getting a number to put atop our table, I headed over to the self-serve coffee station. And throughout the morning, man did I serve myself. The dark roast coffee was absolutely divine, deep and bold and delicious. If only their coffee cups had been extra-large instead of medium-large.

With coffee (and my friend’s latte) in hand, we headed out to sit in the sun on the glorious patio (actually, we started directly in the sun, quickly got sweaty and moved to the shade). We bird-watched for a few minutes until our food arrived and then we smiled with love. We saw our meals and were suddenly so excited to eat.

common roots farmers

My Farmer’s Breakfast was absolutely perfect. It came with scrambled eggs, spring greens, a roasted tomato, roasted potatoes, and spicy tofu. The scrambled eggs were about average, but the accompaniments really made the meal. The roasted potatoes were soft and spiced with Rosemary and they made me want to die from happiness, the roasted tomato, perfectly charred, was a delicious addition to my plain spring greens, and the tofu, though smothered with some sort of spicy kick, was tender and juicy. The whole meal just tasted fresh and real. Even though I was full after eating every last bite, I wasn’t stuffed or uncomfortable, but satisfied and energetic. That’s what healthy, organically natural and delicious food will do for ya.

common roots hash

My friend called her breakfast, and I quote, “just freaking delicious.” The Pulled Beef Hash consisted of eggs, beef, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions, all mixed in a Montreal seasoning. The pulled pork was thoroughly seasoned and plentiful, offering so much that the rest of the hash could have been seen as a side for pork. The overall portion was just right – not so much that you’re overly full, but happily satisfied. Her specialty maple latte was also a hit, offering a unique caffeine kick that wasn’t overwhelmingly mapely flavored.

If I’m being honest, Common Roots Café stole my heart, through my stomach. I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to head back once each and every month to try something new on their monthly menu. And I suggested you do the same. Go. Now.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 10
Food Quality: 10
Quality of Service: 10
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 10
Parking: street parking and small lot
Average Score: 9.3

common roots outside

Have you been to Common Roots Cafe? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Common Roots for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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