Hen House Eatery

This morning, a beautifully sunny Minnesota Thursday, my friend and I headed to breakfast. We ventured out on a Thursday because a) it’s finals week, so we aren’t on our normal busy morning schedules (oh, by the way, I’m officially done with college and will be experiencing the formality of commencement this Saturday) and b) this weekend is the Memorial Day holiday and is therefore family-heavy. But we didn’t want to miss a week of breakfast or a weekly breakfast blog, so we adjusted our plans. You’re welcome.

With all of that said, we excitedly joined the rest of the commuting world into downtown Minneapolis to hit the Hen House Eatery. After many minutes of block-circling and stress-sweating we finally parked and sauntered down the street to this lovely place. We walked into the nearly vacant venue, greeted by a giant bakery case of delicious gluten-full, dairy-full, sugar-full sweets and treats. In my mind, I ate three pieces of cake and four cookies before a pleasant hostess brought us to our trendy wooden booth, which was tucked away in the back corner of the restaurant.

The venue was adorable. Near the entrance sat a mini dining area with traditional diner stools surrounding the circular bar and the rest of the restaurant was filled with wooden booths on the outside and small, modern tables in the center. The walls and central pillars were all painted with chalkboard paint and were home to fun lil quotes (i.e. Life is short, eat dessert first). Their decor and atmosphere (despite the lack of other diners) won me over immediately.

They continued to earn points as our waitress quickly brought us coffee and a mini pitcher of soy milk. They had soy milk! Automatic 100 YRPs (You Rock Points). As we sipped our really delicious cups of coffee, our eyes enjoyed the awesome variety of the breakfast menu. They really had great options. Too many great options, I dare say. After narrowing down the too many great options, I selected the Fat Hen Omelet ($9.99) while my friend settled on the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes ($6.99) and a side of an egg (yes, a single egg – $1).

After ordering we continued to admire both the indoor decor and the outdoor hustle and bustle of a weekday morning in Minneapolis. We were pleasantly surprised to see our food arrive super fast and proceeded to gaze at our incredible-looking plates of heaven.

hen house omelette

Friends, my breakfast was incredible. First of all, my egg white omelet was gigantic, so that’s always a plus. It came packed with quinoa, avocado, spinach, onions, and tomatoes. Whoever thought to put quinoa in an omelet was a genius. I mean, I’m a quiona-lover by nature, but this hearty addition inside the omelet was just delicious. Also, I’m not sure what the chef did to the onions that were oozing out, but they were smoky and the perfect amount of soft and I would have just eaten a pile of them with a spoon. Each omelet bite was just stuffed with perfectly cooked veggies covered in a fresh egg white and I just about died (yes, I do recognize the irony of me describing any sort of egg dish as delicious, but just go with it). In addition to the magical omelet made by the wizard chef, I substituted my side of gluten-full toast and jam for fruit (which ended up costing me a full $4.50 – beware). The lil fruit bowl included pineapple, so I was satisfied. And then I went back and took more Harry Potter omelet bites.

hen house pancakes

My breakfast companion absolutely loved her meal as well. First of all, her pancakes looked like actual giant cinnamon rolls, complete with an indented, icy swirl (see above). The cakes were thin and crispy, but soft in the middle, never becoming too mushy with the addition of fresh maple syrup. She said if you closed your eyes, they tasted like a legit Cinnabun. It doesn’t get better than that, folks. But the sweetness, however entirely perfect, made joining the Clean Plate Club a challenge. Even if you’re a super hungry, I-love-sweet-breakfast person, good luck eating the full plate of two giant cakes. Ps. The scrambled egg was a lovely addition, dishing up a hefty portion for only a buck.

Hen House Eatery is a complete and utter winner. From its adorable upscale diner feel to their fantastic coffee and food, this place won me over. Gold star, big trophy, and large smile all directed toward you, Hen House Eatery. Well done.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 9
Food Quality: 10 
Quality of Service: 8
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 10
Overall Satisfaction: 10
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 9.2

hen house inside

Have you been to Hen House Eatery? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Hen House Eatery for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Hen House Eatery
114 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN

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