Hazellewood Grill and Tap Room

On this bright Saturday, my dining companion and I found ourselves with a little extra time on our hands. We decided to take advantage of the extra minutes by venturing out to Excelsior for fine breakfast dining at Hazellewood Grill.

After a long drive, we arrived at the pleasant lil place, housed in a small strip mall. The outdoor seating area looked dreamy, but the brisk morning chill shuffled us inside. A pleasant hostess greeted us and quickly escorted us to a small table in the middle of the venue, stuffed between a group of boisterous, boat clothes-wearing ladies (inevitably meeting for book club) and a rowdy, kid-heavy family.

Our waitress quickly inquired about our drink orders and proceeded to swiftly bring back waters and coffee for me (dece coffee, nothing mind blowing). We took the next few moments to make our food selections. The menu had a nice variety – a choice for every mood and every preference. I selected the Egg White Scramble ($8) while my friend opted for the Southern Benny ($10). We submitted our orders and kicked back to wait for our food.

I would have enjoyed this relaxing wait time, but, as I’m sure you could have guessed, my coffee cup was already empty and no one seemed to be falling over themselves to refill it. In fact, I was forced to wait until our food arrived to forwardly ask for a refill. It’s breakfast and this is coffee. If the cup is empty, it should be refilled. This is the one thing I ask. And if you don’t do it, I squint judgey eyes at you and find secret ways to lower your ratings on my blog.

Hazellewood Eggs

Finally, with my coffee cup full again, I began my meal. My three scrambled egg whites were mixed with oven-roasted tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, portabella mushrooms, garlic spinach, and fresh herbs, joined by a side of fruit. Overall, it was fairly good. The veggies were fresh and the herbs gave the dish a nice zest, but it didn’t leave me wowed. 

My breakfast companion, on the other hand, loved her meal. Her benedict came on a buttermilk biscuit, topped with poached eggs, Tillamook cheddar, and sausage gravy and was served with a side smoked gouda hashbrowns. The dense buttermilk biscuit was melt-in-your mouth tasty and the thick gravy was home to a variety of peppers, giving the meal a mild kick. The gouda hashbrowns, crispy on the outside and creamy soft on the inside, were dense, decedent, and overwhelmingly gouda-tastic. The meal was incredibly filling, as any hearty, savory breakfast should be. Shocker: she even had to bring home delicious leftovers.

Hazellewood Benny

Overall, though the venue was sophisticated and my breakfast companion’s food was quite hearty, the seating was crammed, my food was only okay, and the coffee service left something to be desired. For me, not worth the drive, but if you’re already in the area, you’ll have a pleasant enough time.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 8
Food Quality: 8
Quality of Service: 7
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 9
Overall Satisfaction: 7
Parking: parking lot available
Average Score: 7.8

hazellewood grill

Have you been to Hazellewood Grill? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Hazellewood Grill for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Hazellewood Grill
5635 Manitou Rd.
Tonka Bay, MN 55331

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