Modern Times Cafe

I’m going to blame the painful delay of this post on my recent dairy and gluten sensitivity diagnoses. My new inability to eat cheese and wheat hasn’t really affected my cognitive processing and typing abilities, but it offers a nice segue into my big news: I’m now a gluten and dairy-free lady! Not only does this mean I can no longer pack half a cup of cottage cheese into my daily protein shake, but, more importantly (and shockingly) for you, it means I can no longer eat oatmeal. Oh how The Great Minnesota Breakfast Tour will change!

What does this mean? Well, friends, it means I’m going to try to eat eggs. It means I’m going to try to eat omelets. It means you’re going to get some more interesting variety. It means my options for venues will be different. (We’ve already spent hours pouring over menus, adding and deleting restaurants based on my new restrictions – and preferences, of course.) But, most importantly, it means The Great Minnesota Breakfast Tour will be even better than before (as if that’s possible).

So, for my first GF, DF breakfast, I strategically selected Modern Times Cafe. Tucked away in Minneapolis, this super chill venue offers incredible GF variety and GF toast upgrades for only $.75 (just wait, I’ll be inevitably ranting about the outrageous prices of GF ‘upgrades’). We headed here on a Monday morning (we didn’t have class the day after Easter) so there were few other diners in sight. We sat ourselves and hung out for a few minutes before a super chill waitress casually sauntered over to take our drink orders.

The menu actually housed several options for both my restrictions and my preferences, a rarity nowadays. Due to my new dietary restrictions, I opted for the Good Morning Healing ($7.50). My breakfast companion chose the Croque John Paul ($9). We put in our orders and spent awhile chilling and chatting in this very casual, sit-here-and-enjoy-your-morning atmosphere. Though our waitress originally brought a different table’s order (I quickly noticed by the large amount of gluten filling that plate) and we got our order corrected.

Modern Times Scramble

I’ll be honest: at first glance, I was afraid of my breakfast. Not because it didn’t look delicious, but because it looked unfamiliar. I had a brief moment of mourning the loss of oatmeal. That quickly passed when I dove into my insanely delicious scramble. It was loaded with organic onions, organic green peppers, organic mushrooms, organic zucchini, organic kale, organic broccoli, organic carrots, and organic roasted beets, and topped with tofu, smothered in tahini sauce. Give me a giant plate of cooked veggies that I didn’t have to chop up and I’m a happy camper. But the tofu and tahini sauce made the dish top the charts. Not too spicy and not overcooked, the tofu was a tasty, protein-filled topper to my favorite veggies. All in all, gold star to my first GF, DF breakfast on the tour.

My breakfast partner’s breakfast was just as delicious. Her Croque John Paul was a grilled brioche with melted gruyere, grilled ham (or bacon), with two poached eggs, and housemade hollondaise. She loved it. It came with a side of greens, which were light and not overly plentiful. The ham was a hefty slice of fresh, real-tasting ham that was thick and delicious. Because it was served on brioche toast rather than an English muffin, it was a nice change of pace for a benedict and made the dish softer and more flavorful. A tasty, gluten-full, dairy-full choice. 

Modern Times Jon Paul

Though the service was a bit slow (I blame the general ‘whatever dude’ feel of the place), my first official GF, DF experience was delicious. My black, non-creamed or sugared coffee was tasty and my tofu scramble was absolutely delicious. Modern Times offered a diverse, dietary restriction-friendly menu for an entirely reasonable price. As I continue to be my GF, DF self, heading back to Modern Times is a safe bet.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 8
Food Quality: 9
Quality of Service: 7
Cost: 10
Menu Variety: 10
Overall Satisfaction: 9
Parking: street parking
Average Score: 8.8


Have you been to Modern Times? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Modern Timesfor yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Modern Times
3200 Chicago Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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  1. Welcome to the dark side! I look forward to reading more about GF + dairy free breakfasts – and trying a few out with you!

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