Red Cow

I’m a terribly early riser. So much so that my weekend “sleeping in” consists of rising at 6 a.m. This means that on most Sunday mornings I have to wait around to head to breakfast because many venues don’t open until 8 or 9. But this morning that wasn’t the case. Red Cow, a newish (2013) restaurant in Minneapolis, opens their doors at 7:30 on weekends, so, naturally, we were the first guests, arriving at 7:41 on the dot.

We sauntered into the vacant venue and an ever-so-peppy waitress gave us our pick of tables, explaining in great detail the pros and cons of each selection (‘by the window it’s sunny but cold and in the back it’s warmer but a little closed off’). We decided to bathe in the wintery sun. After plopping down near the window and immediately ordering coffees (which came right away because, hey, we were alone in the place), I checked out the interior, which was flooded with lots of wood paneling and red coloring and was clean, minimal and modern-looking. The space was also quite large, offering both a full dining area and full bar.

While sipping our Joe cups, we perused the breakfast menu, which offered a great variety, included many gluten-free choices and was averagely priced. I decided on a cup of Bruleed Steel-Cut Oats ($3.00) and, after the insistence of our waitress, added the Organic Greek Yogurt ($6.50) because the oatmeal was apparently ‘only a really small cup and I’d still be super hungry if I only had that.’ After much debate over pancake choices, my breakfast companion selected the Red Velvet Pancakes ($7.50). After several ‘are-you-sure-I-can’t-get-you-anything-else’es, we relaxed with our coffees and awaited our meals.

red cow me

Before I could, well, do anything, really, our food arrived. My bruleed oatmeal cup was indeed sized for an infant, so I appreciated the tip from my waitress to double up on meals. The oatmeal, bruleed to a caramely crisp on top and served with a small pitcher of cream, was okay. The oats were creamy enough, but lacked the natural sweetness that usually makes an oatmeal dish shine. My yogurt, topped with fresh blueberries, honey and crushed nuts, was really delicious, but it was pretty basic. The light honey drizzle and crushed nuts made a perfect salty-sweet combo that I loved, but it was something I could easily whip up at home. My food satisfied, but didn’t impress.

red cow emily

My breakfast companion was in the same boat. Though the menu seemed to boast the extreme decadence of their Red Velvet Pancakes, the reality didn’t excite as much as the description. The pancakes came with a light drizzle of peanut butter-cream cheese frosting (in the menu it was described to be ‘dolloped with’) and a side of syrup that tasted only of maple (in the menu it was described as ‘bacon-maple syrup’). The menu’s claim that the pancakes offered ‘a surprise on your last bite, too!’ did, however, prove to be true. Hiding in each of the three cakes was a single banana slice! It was indeed a fun and tasty surprise, but still didn’t make the selection soar.

After polishing off our meals, we sat back and took in a few more cups of coffee. Overall, Red Cow was pleasant enough, offering overly accommodating service, a fun menu, and good coffee, but wasn’t spectacular enough to make me say ‘wow’ (or to drive 2 hours to post-snow storm).

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 8
Food Quality: 7
Quality of Service: 9
Cost: 9
Menu Variety: 10
Overall Satisfaction: 7
Parking: lot parking available
Average Score: 8.3

red cow inside

Have you been to Red Cow? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Red Cow for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Red Cow
3624 W 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN

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