The Bad Waitress

On this fine Sunday morning, we were excited to head to our second breakfast of the weekend, this time at The Bad Waitress. This diner and coffee shop, sister to Spyhouse Coffee Shops, focuses on working with local distributors and works to find ways to create sustainability within their community. This means that their menu is full of fresh, organic, and delicious choices that I was excited to try.

We walked into the super cool venue where we were prompted to seat ourselves. We walked through the red-walled restaurant, passing a trendier-looking diner bar, and selecting an old school plush maroon booth at which to sit. I ordered a coffee and my friend ordered a Spyhouse Caramella ($4.75) and we checked out the menu.

IMG_6638The menu at The Bad Waitress has a pretty good variety. From extensive pancake, waffle, and french toast options to great varieties of different breakfast combos, egg scrambles,  omelettes, and unique creations, there were plenty of choices. I selected the Organic Oatmeal with Fruit and Brown Sugar ($6.25), which I was very excited about, and my breakfast companion chose the Two Eggs and Toast ($6.25), adding a pancake (you have your choice of a side of meat or a pancake, or both, for $2.25 each). After we made our decisions, we wrote down our selections on the provided ordering pad (see right) and brought it up to the counter to pay. By including our table’s accompanying superhero/monster photo, our waitress knew where to serve our food. We were Frankenstein.

While we waited and chatted, we also eyed the colorful walls, a few red, a few wallpapered, and enjoyed examining the many framed vintage movie posters. We also watched a few other diners receive their food, observing towers of french toast smothered in strawberries and whipped cream and giant pancakes exploding with chocolate chips being served to other tables. We could hardly wait the less than five minutes we waited before getting our food. A calm, cool waitress slid our meals over to us and then happily accommodated our demands for jam (for my friend’s toast) and soy milk (for my oatmeal). Yes. Now we were ready to eat.

IMG_6641My oatmeal looked like it came straight out of a culinary magazine. The huge, steel cut oats were thick and chunky, topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries and offering sweet brown sugar and soy milk on the side. The oats required lots of milk to create a creamy consistency, but they somehow worked that way (I don’t usually add any milk or cream to my oats and prefer that they’re creamy all on their own, but this time that wasn’t the case). Their lack of creaminess made them seem fresher and heartier, allowing me to add milk and sugar throughout the meal to create a perfect combination for every bite. The berries were incredible, tasting like they were just pulled right off the bush. These oats tasted healthy – you could just tell they were organic. And that’s just the way I like ’em.

My friend’s meal looked and tasted equally as delicious. Her GIANT pancake was thicker than thick and covered an entire large dinner plate. Her breakfast also included several slices of whole grain toast and eggs. The pancake was extremely thick, but didn’t become dense as you might expect. It maintained a lovely fluff that welcomed the sweet, pure maple syrup. Though the eggs were a bit undercooked, the crisp toast topped with fresh strawberry jam offered a delicious touch. Beware, though, friends: the pancake portions are HUGE! But with the level of deliciousness, you should still order one and either share it among friends, take some home, or just go for it and stuff your belly to full capacity.


All in all, I loved The Bad Waitress. The atmosphere was cool and trendy, the food was fresh and fantastic, the staff was accommodating and well-dressed, and our time there was fun and delicious. There wasn’t a single bad part of our time at The Bad Waitress.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 9
Food Quality: 9
Quality of Service: 10
Cost: 9
Menu Variety: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 9
Parking: Street parking
Average Score: 9.0


Have you been to The Bad Waitress? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience The Bad Waitress for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
The Bad Waitress
2 East 26th St
Minneapolis, MN 55404



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  1. This is one of my favorite places because it’s tasty and they have gluten-free food galore! I even got GF French toast there once – a rare delicacy.

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