Manny’s Steakhouse

On this particular Saturday morning, my breakfast plans were perfectly set. I had an official reservation at an upscale breakfast venue and I was ready to head downtown, kick up my heels, and enjoy nice morning meal at this generally acclaimed (this info via my vast breakfast research) restaurant. When I made a reservation at Manny’s Steakhouse (a week in advance), the only available Saturday morning time was 10:15. I snatched that right up because, if that was the only time available, I assumed that place must get packed! Much to my surprise, after parking on a painfully snowy street, we ventured into the restaurant, only to find it nearly deserted. The little liars. Needless to say, with our reservation, we walked right to one of many open tables.

mannys steakhouseWe sat down in a roomy, four person booth, whose whimsical checkered tablecloth didn’t seem to align with the overall, “hope you wore your Coach boots” vibe. Our rather aloof waitress brought us (tiny) coffee cups and waited for our order, which took awhile since we didn’t realize that they’d switched from their breakfast menu to their brunch menu. So I had a minor freakout regarding what I would be choosing for breakfast as there were lots of eggy and bad carby things that I don’t like or eat. The variety of breakfast items on their brunch menu was pretty slim, so slim for me in particular that I actually requested steel cut oatmeal ($7.95) from their breakfast menu. My waitress was (surprisingly) kind enough to oblige. Though I appreciated her willingness to serve me oatmeal off of the breakfast menu, I didn’t get along very well with her overall. I don’t like knowing what someone thinks of me based on how I’m treated. It’s okay for you to think that I’m a young, relatively poor college student, but you don’t have to treat me like it. I believe in equality, lady. And if you insist on calling us “girls” in that overwhelmingly condescending manner, then I will insist on giving you a 10% tip, served up with a smile. She did keep my coffee full, thank the Lord. I guess she gets half a point for that.

mannys oatmealAfter I picked out my oatmeal ($7.95), my breakfast companion settled on traditional eggs benedict ($10.95). However, if we would have known that each of our coffees were nearly $4 and my friend’s (approximately 3 fl oz) orange juice cost $6, we probably would have both just stuck with a side of toast ($1.95). Like, actually. And their multigrain toast was actually really good, so that probably would have been satisfying.

Now, let me insert a lil caveat here: we knew Manny’s was expensive. We were totally expecting to shell out a bit more in order to experience this venue. However, we felt the expense, for breakfast at least, was expensive just to be expensive. If you have a $20 eggs benedict option, your orange juice better be $6, just to keep it consistent. And you know what? I’m fine with that. But if it’s going to cost me $6 for orange juice, the oranges from that orange juice better come straight from the best damn orange orchard in all of the world and be freshly peeled and juiced to perfection right before my eyes. That was not the case.

Okay, let’s continue. Our breakfasts came quickly, so props to the chef on that one. As I alluded to earlier, both of our meals were just all right. My steel cut oats seemed to have a lovely consistency, but weren’t naturally flavorful enough to be eaten without raisins and brown sugar, the two accompaniments served with my oats. The side of toast was in fact delicious and came with fancy mini jars of jam that cost me $3 each. Just kidding. They were shockingly free. My friend’s eggs benedict was presented beautifully and her breakfast potatoes were really delicious, but the overall eggs benedict was average. We were expecting one of the greatest breakfasts ever, considering the price, so we were a little surprised at our experience.

We spent a strangely large number of minutes waiting for our bill, especially considering we were two of seven people in the whole place. This was just one more grumpy aspect of our morning. We rose to leave, passing a group of 20-something men, all decked out in Burberry, all walking with swag. They were so ready for six dollar orange juice.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 7
Food Quality: 6
Quality of Service: 6
Cost: 3
Menu Variety: 3
Overall Satisfaction: 5
Parking: Street and ramp parking
Average Score: 5.0

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 8.03.29 AM

Have you been to Manny’s Steakhouse? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Manny’s for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Manny’s Steakhouse
825 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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