Victor’s 1959 Cafe

On a balmy 35-degree Minnesota morning, I happily left my apartment in search of a warm, satisfying breakfast. My breakfast companion and I headed to Victor’s 1959 Cafe, a venue that I discovered in one of my many Google searches for top breakfast restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Arriving just 15 minutes after they opened (at 8 a.m.), we had our choice of table inside the tiny venue. The tropical coloring and decor livened up my morning and I carefully eyed the graffitied walls as I selected a corner booth in the back of the restaurant. I was quickly brought coffee (a fantastic, bottomless, fair trade cup) and given the opportunity to explore the menu. As a restaurant of Cuban origin, the menu was full of unique dishes. The menu was divided into two main sections: Breakfast Cubano and Breakfast Americano, with the bulk of the “Cubano” options appearing to be infused with more zest and spice rather than American tradition. Mango also seemed to be a topper on everything, which really got me jazzed (if you didn’t already know, mango is straight up my favorite food). Additionally, as the sister of a gluten-freeer, I was delighted to see that you had the option of replacing your side of toast or an english muffin with two corn tortillas. You could also request guava jam to top your carb choice. Yum.

I selected (no surprise) the Kingfield Oatmeal, with additions of raisins, walnuts, and diced mango ($3.95 + $1.25 per add-in) and my friend chose the 38th Street 2, consisting of two eggs with seasoned house potatoes & toast ($6.50 with option to add bacon, ham or sausage for $2.45). As we waited (only a short time) for our breakfast plates, our eyes had plenty of entertainment – the walls and wooden booths were packed full of Sharpied messages and images. The bright blue and canary yellow infused my senses with happiness and when my food arrived I was only happier.

my victors

My oatmeal came with a side of thick, multi-grain toast, toasted to perfection on the outside and then buttery soft on the inside. The actual oatmeal was a smaller portion than the typical breakfast bowl, but came topped with walnuts, mangoes, brown sugar, and raisins and was creamy enough that I didn’t need to add the accompanied cream (which came in a precious mini pitcher, the perfect size and style for a thirsty kitten). My friend’s breakfast was rather traditional, and she enjoyed it but found the seasoned house potatoes to be far too spicy for her liking. If you’re going to hit up Victor’s, you should be someone who enjoys spice and should make a choice off of the “Breakfast Cubano” section of the menu. The options were unique and plentiful, and the experience will be much more “Victor’s 1959 Cafe-y” if you do. 

emily victor's

Important side note: the staff at Victor’s is absolutely awesome. I loved every single person I interacted with – from the three waitresses who filled my ever-draining coffee cup every 20 seconds to the pleasant gal I chatted with on the phone this afternoon regarding my lost gloves (they’re purple and SmartTouch, so you can imagine my despair), every person was someone that I’d like to have breakfast with. At Victor’s. With all the mangoes.

Overall, this neighborhood gem was full of zest – from their food to their atmosphere, I felt alive and rejuvenated after being there for just over an hour. If you like mango or spice, this place is for you. If you also like being close to a dining neighbor inside a homey, neighborhoody restaurant, Victor’s is your place.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 9
Food Quality: 7
Quality of Service: 10
Cost: 7
Menu Variety: 8
Overall Satisfaction: 8
Parking: Street parking and small lot available
Average Score: 8.2

victors outside

Have you been to Victor’s 1959 Cafe? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Victor’s for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Victor’s 1959 Cafe
3756 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

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