Uptown Diner

Every previous experience I had had at Uptown Diner was a great one. However, I wanted to go back during the official Great Minnesota Breakfast Tour in order to allow my friend to experience it and in order to think about the experience more deeply for myself through my rating system.

uptown diner logoOn a glorious fall morning, we ventured to Uptown Diner. The hustle and bustle of an Uptown weekend hadn’t quite started yet, and we parked near the restaurant, walked right in, and were seated immediately. The venue has a modern diner feel, complete with a cute bar area, snug leather booths, and lots of stainless steel. The tables were placed nearly on top of each other, reinforcing that traditional atmosphere of “we’re all a family here.”

A very excited waitress came to greet us and was gone in a flash to grab us coffees. You could tell that the lively and upbeat wait staff genuinely enjoyed working at a place as homey and delicious as Uptown Diner. We spent a few minutes exploring the menu, which featured many sweet morning cake options (chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes and pineapple upside down pancakes and caramel apple crisp waffles, oh my!), lots of benedict varieties, a build your own omelet bar, and tons of traditional breakfast combos.

I opted for old fashioned oatmeal ($6.75) while my friend selected her first-ever classic eggs benedict ($9.95). We (thoroughly) enjoyed our coffees and conversation while we waited only a few short minutes for our steaming food to hit our table. My oatmeal looked creamy and luscious, loaded with plump raisins and brown sugar and included a side of thick honey grain wheat toast. And it tasted just as good as it looked! The thick steel cut oats were so tasty – creamier and heartier than anything I could make on my stove at home.

Uptown Diner benedict

My friend’s benedict was just as delicious. She described it as being really “homey.” Throughout devouring her benedict, she continually exclaimed, “UGH! This is SO good.” It was just so eggs benedict – when you think of eggs benedict, this is the eggs benedict that you think of. It’s classic, it’s traditional, and it’s delicious.

Overall, our food was pretty fantastic. Our waitress was just entirely joyful, even offering to bring us fresh coffee in to go cups for the ride home. Not only did she win my heart with that suggestion, but she also embodied the essence of Uptown Diner: friendly, flavorful, and fantastic.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 8
Food Quality: 8
Quality of Service: 10
Cost: 8
Menu Variety: 7
Overall Satisfaction: 9
Parking: Street and lot available
Average Score: 8.3

outside uptown diner

Have you been to Uptown Diner? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience Uptown Diner for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
Uptown Diner
2548 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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