The Buttered Tin

A rainy Saturday morning made a grumpy me, but instead of staying home and feeling under the weather, I pulled on my Union Jack wellies and headed out the door. Only my second venture out to a new breakfast venue, I was looking forward to righting my gloomy morning by enjoying a breakfast at a critically-acclaimed St. Paul gem, The Buttered Tin. Seems like everyone else had the same idea.

the buttered tin lobbyWe entered the absolutely packed entryway of the quaint little shop. Though their website warned us that there may be a Saturday morning wait, our already grumpy selves weren’t prepared for the nearly 45 minute hang out. The walk up bakery area did offer us coffee as we waited and that offer made me smile. After twiddling our thumbs, counting the rain drops, and longingly watching other guests being escorted to their tables, our name was finally called and a peppy waitress spewed an apologetic smile and led us to our table for two.

We studied our menus over a couple of less than satisfying cups of coffee. The menu wasn’t very variety-filled or low-priced, but they did offer many unique breakfast creations that you’d find nowhere else. If you’re looking for a more upscale and unique spin on some of the traditional breakfast foods, The Buttered Tin offers a few fun options. They also feature extensive bakery choices, including varieties of breads, cakes, rolls, and dozens of cupcake flavors. As we waited for our table, I eyed a giant, gooey cinnamon roll in their loaded bakery case that, if I would have bought and consumed, would have probably made up for my painful wait time.

The signature Buttered Tin hash, loaded with bacon, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, root vegetables, and a sunny-side up egg with horseradish chive cream.
The signature Buttered Tin hash, loaded with bacon, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, root vegetables, and a sunny-side up egg with horseradish chive cream.

My friend settled on buttermilk pancakes with salted maple bacon butter and real maple syrup ($9.95) while health-conscious me picked their homemade granola with fresh fruit and organic yogurt ($4.95). We waited another hefty chunk of time, this time sitting and with the promise of food. When our breakfasts arrived, my friend’s eyes widened. She is the ultimate bacon lover and when she saw her thick, stacked cakes smothered in mapley bacon bits, the drooling began. My yogurt-granola-fruit combo looked fresh and light, exactly what I needed that morning. (Unfortunately this breakfast occurred before we had the brilliant idea to take photos of all of our dishes, so you’ll have to use my imagery and your imagination to picture these foods. My apologies.)

Throughout our meal, my breakfast companion noted over and over again how deliciously unique her pancakes were. With each bite, she smiled a bacon-full smile and “oooed” with culinary pleasure. If you love bacon at all, we highly recommend this selection. My granola was tasty, but nothing special – a good choice if you’re looking for a healthy option or you’re a picky eater.

As the rain slowed and the sun started to peek its lil head out, we scribbled out our check and headed for the door, making an anxious and hungry couple waiting in the entryway very happy. Though the wait time, menu variety, and coffee were less than impressive, The Buttered Tin did serve up one unique and delectable dish along with a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere.

The Ratings
Coffee Quality: 5
Food Quality: 9
Quality of Service: 8
Cost: 5
Menu Variety: 6
Overall Satisfaction: 7
Parking: Paid street parking
Average Score: 6.7

the buttered tin

Have you been to The Buttered Tin? Share your experience with me below!
OR…want to experience The Buttered Tin for yourself?
Check out their website or pop their address into your smartphone:
The Buttered Tin
237 7th Street East
St. Paul, MN

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