I love breakfast. Not really in the traditional bacon, hash browns, and pancakes kind of way, but more in the coffee, coffee, and coffee kind of way. In addition to my special interest in a great cup of caffeine, I’m a gluten-free, dairy-free girl who accepts the weekly challenge of finding a glorious breakfast that doesn’t upset my allergies. I also love quality companionship time. From these two loves birthed a plan to head to breakfast every single weekend. Yes. Every. Single. Weekend. This started out as just a goal with a friend, but as we built a detailed spreadsheet, rating and ranking each breakfast restaurant we ventured to (as extremely organized, normal people do), it hit me: this information needs to be shared with the people!

You deserve to know whose service will make smile. You have the right to know where to find the best menu variety. And you need to know where to get a kick ass cup of coffee. So join my best friend Emily (an adventurous carnivore with zero food allergies and breakfast preferences entirely opposite mine – the perfect breakfast companion) and me as we explore the Twin Cities through our stomachs. The Great Minnesota Breakfast Tour starts now.


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